Ymca GLOBAL Teens Program

Heres another opportunity to leave the United States. The Ymca has a program for New York City teens called GLOBAL TEENS, I will email the coordinator to find out if its available in other cities. But, check this out if you are a young person who wishes to travel internationally. Disclaimer, you might want to check out the Ymca mission statement and history to see what they stand for. They have not always been for people of color and their beliefs are aligned with Christianity. Hence the name "Young Mens Christian Association".

I can say personally since I have worked at the Ymca as an arts instructor that almost all of the people I worked with were people of color and they do have some really great programs for young people. You can tell by watching this video that young people of color not only need programs but they are taking full advantage of them. But again, do your homework!

Check out the youths testimonies who traveled. One of my students from Brooklyn, Tyler is in the video towards the end with her mom who told me, she's trying to send her daughter to travel to as many countries outside of the US as possible!


Come Bien featured in L Magazine, kinda.

Check it out yawl, i know it talks more about Rob than CBB, but i thought Jasmine, Joy, Fatch, Ananda, Tiffany, and Raina might want to know that I asked them to give you all links/credit for your work so your name is mentioned in the piece. Who wants to work on a logo with me? We need one instead of my mug. I will ask them to change it to one of the cbb collaboration pieces. Thx to Andrea and Allie! Check out the full article here:
L magazine



The One World Foundation

After reading several pieces about people who have traveled outside of the US and been to far away places you probably wondered how you could afford to do that anytime soon. Well, the creator has just nudged us with an opportunity to give you. Thank Alison Roh Park again for bringing constant globs of knowledge and resources, soon you will hear her poetic voice!

Check this out!!!! The One World Foundation! This organization was founded by two Women of color named Dana L. Olds and Tiffany M. Gardner along with a brother named Charles Chear. Since the founding of this organization in 2007 they have "sent over 20 young people" of color "on four international service projects. They're focus is on human rights and building solidarity between young people of color and communities of color internationally!

Y sabes que? They are excepting applications. They are due FEBRUARY 1st, 2010

There is more info about what programs are what, but they have special programs for young people aged 18-25 and 26-35. Scholarships are available but you better apply asap if you want to get them! They have been to CAMBODIA, SENEGAL, INDIA, and UGANDA.

Check out these videos:

One of their partners in Cambodia are Tiny Toones, check them out:

-Come Bien Books
"In The Wind"


All Latino Superhero Team-Joe Quesada

Thought you would appreciate a few things about this.
1.The CEO of MARVEL is Latino/Hispanic/Raza and his name is Joe Quesada!
2. This show was curated by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez (who you see with Joe towards the end of the clip) who is one of the driving forces behind "Somos Arte", a creative studio owned by people of color in Brooklyn( as far as I can tell-dont qoute me).
3. The Show was held at The Carribean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute(CCCADI) which sponsors some pretty cool events in NYC.
4. And perhaps the most important thing about this-this is one of the only all Latino team of superhero's! I thought it was the first, but Lalo Alcaraz corrected me-not the first, which is a good thing.

Que wow, no? Pass it on!Something you can show the kids bridging Latino and African Culture...


"Costa Rica" words by Raina J. Leon, Illustration by Fatch Chapeyama

Apologies for the delay yawl. Our email got hacked twice, but Joy informed me that its a bot or machine, not a person.I pictured some nerdy dude clicking away because he erased some important #$%^. Anyways, the wait is worth it for this months piece and two new collaborators to Come Bien! This is another edition of "In the Wind", a section about people of color from the U.S., who have traveled beyond its borders .....Peep.The portfolio's and accomplishments of the team that bring you this month's piece are extensive to say the least.

Sister Raina J. Leon is a published author/ poet who has been featured in over twenty print and online publications. She was a finalist for the Cave Canem First Poetry Book and the Andres Montoya poetry prize awards. She has received fellowships for creative writing from the Vermont Studio Center, Kimmel Harding, has lead the High School Literacy Project, and she is working on an anthology to teach Latin@ poetry for students from several age groups. Whew! She is currently teaching English and Spanish in Germany. Make sure you check out her book "Canticle of Idols", a collection of poetry.

I met the extremely talented artist Fatch Chapeyama this past summer at the Pueblo Nuevo Gallery, through another talnted artist, Ms. Annette Diniz (whom you will be seeing more of soon too hopeully). Fatch comes to you from many places, Michigan and the Bay Area being some of them. Not only is this brother a talented illustrator but he also a product designer. You can check out his illustrations, product and graphic design work by clicking on his name.

Check them both out and please comment


Scholarship for POC-Berlin,Germany


Its worth looking into a little deeper than the surface but there are two scholarships for an MBA program related to creative leadership in business. Its a bit cool and a bit odd, check it out and Give thanks to Multi Cult classics Blog for this one. You could be chillin' with Nneka?! Might could be...After you check this out, I'd love to hear some feedback, is this good or bad?



Photography Grants, Zines Projects, Sites

Photography Grants:Big thanks to Alison Roh Park again for hitting us up with these informational links on grants, fellowships,etc.

1. Graduate photography students are invited to submit works to inMotion's 2010
Photography Auction & Benefit scheduled for Monday, April 19, 2010 at
the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers. Selected student works will be
included in the Silent Auction, which will total 40 - 50 lots. The
Benefit also features a Live Auction of high-end contemporary and
classic photographs. Application Attached! Due Nov 20:

2. Humble Open Call: 31 under 31: Young Women in Art Photography II due
before Nov 30:This grant was originally for women under 31, but has been changed to serve any age group that would like to apply.

3. Michael P. Smith Fund
For Documentary Photography
Due Nov 30th

4. Cinereach is now accepting letters of inquiry and sample work for
their winter grant cycle. They will request full proposals from
selected projects in January. Grants range from $5,000 to $50,000 and
are awarded to films at any stage.
Due Dec 1st

5. Sony world photography awards competition due before Dec 4:

6. The Puffin Foundation is accepting grant proposals from emerging
artists in the fields of art, music, photography, theater, and video.
Due Dec 15th http://www.puffinfoundation.org/grants/prospectiveapplicant.html.

7. The year 2010 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Dorothea
Lange–Paul Taylor documentary prize, a $20,000 award given annually by
the Center for Documentary Studies. The Lange-Taylor Prize is offered
to a writer and a photographer in the early stages of a documentary
project Due January, 31, 2010.

Zine/Sketchbook Project: Big shout to Alejandra Perez for hitting us with this one/Shes working on a project with these folks...

1.The Fiction Project : This looks like a pretty cool project, where you receive a small sketchbook, you fill it with art, then you send it back to a library in Red Hook, Brooklyn where they make it available for folks to see in an exhibit.

Other Links:

1. Great listings:

2. Great resource for residencies:

3. Great place, you need to search quite a bit though, for grants:

4. The artists health insurance resource center:

COOL POC(People of Color)SITES:

1. BLACK BUTTERFLY :Arts and Culture from the Bay Area and Beyond
Check this out, a site with some pretty cool things, brought o us by the very talented Ms Karen Seneferu from the Bay Area. This site is run by a very talented artist name Marissa Arteberry.

2. Aesthetic Ascencion: A site for and by African Artists run by Malik Seneferu also out of the Bay Area

3. Society Harriets Alter Ego (SHAE): This is a site which was formally a store in Brooklyn, focusing on a hybrid mixture of fashion, music, art, and African culture. Run by Ngozi Odita

4. Afro Punk: So much to be said about AP, I think the name and the site are pretty self explanatory.Check it out. Be sure to check out the fotos Pablo Serrano from Columbia took at their last event in LA.


Poster Contest + Fellowship

Once again you have the extremely talented Ms. Alison Roh Park to thank for these opportunities for you illustrators, writers, and exciters...

Calling all artists and graphic designers who support diversity and LGBT rights!
Q-Wave is dedicated to strengthening the voices of lesbian/bisexual/queer women and transgender/gender variant people of Asian descent. We strive to build a supportive, progressive community by promoting visibility and empowerment through social, political, and educational organizing.

Prize: Winning designer will receive a $200 cash prize and have their winning design produced and used to publicize our participation in the parade.
Deadline:11:59pm, Thursday, November 19, 2009
Submit to: lunarnewyearforall@gmail.com
The link for organization is http://www.q-wave.org/, NOTE: There is important information about the words, phrases, and guidelines for this contest.If you are intersted please email them for specifics.

2.FELLOWSHIP: Black Metropolis Research Consortium Announces Two Fellowship Programs in African American Studies

One-or two-month fellowships plus a stipend of up to $3,000 will be offered to scholars, artists, educators, writers, and researchers for studies relating to African-American and African diasporic culture, history, and politics....
Deadline: January 11, 2010

BMRC is also administering the Timuel D. Black, Jr. Short-Term Fellowship in African American Studies
The fellowship program supports scholars, writers, educators, and institutional researchers who would benefit from research conducted at the Vivian G. Harsh Collection. The fellowship period is for one or two months during the summer of 2010. Fellows will receive a stipend of $2,000 per month while conducting research in Chicago. The link for this great opportunity is here at http://www.blackmetropolisresearch.org/

Wow! You mean you can show youre support for a queer-progressive organization or research Black History and get financial support to do it?! I wonder what else is out there that were not being told about. If you (yes you) hear of any opportunities for or related to artists or creative writers of color please let us know so we can spread the good word...


Junot Diaz-Jasmine Deras, Joy Liu, & Robert Trujillo

It brings great pleasure to let you know about this great writer Mr. Junot Diaz. I highly recommend his stuff. Also, we have a new artist on deck. The very talented Ms. Jasmine Deras from the bay area who is bringing it with this one. Definitely check out her work. If you havent been able to peep Joy Liu's work, its because she's working on her site, handling hella (a lot) of business, and enjoying the life as a free agent. Please holler with feedback or any related stories if you've read Junot's stuff.



It brings me great honor and pleasure to present to your eyes a beautiful magazine called "PURPLE", created by Ms. Dazjae aka Purple Zoe,Q, Bassagirl Osedra, Candy Anamoly, and Dollmatic. Contributing to this issue and up on deck are Tonya Moore, Janine Jackson, Samax Amen,and Valjeanne Jeffers. In this beautiful publication you will find Poetry, Photography, Art, Do it Yourself Instructions (Revolutionary #$%^!), and Healthy life stlye choices and practices. One of the pieces that struck me was the about Dr.Kamkwamba,(who is something I feel our children don't get to see much) an African scientist and inventor!Another was the piece by brother Samax, creator of Ghetto Manga. Also don't forget to check out muralist/illustrator Corrine Stevie! But, check it out yourself. For all of those folks reading this looking for an example of something diverse, artistic, and full of knowledge for young people, please download youre copy here, or better yet buy a hard copy from Purplemag.com for your classroom, library, organization, or for your self.

NOTE: Purple Magazine is accepting submissions forissue 9. That includes creative writing, photography, illustration, and probably a lot more you can imagine.To read the submissions requirements please direct your attention ">here


Artist Fellowship-Queens, NY Due: OCT 29TH!

And heres another opportunity for Artist of Color, not sure if this is for folk in the US or just in NY. But, You can apply to this and pass it on. Let artists know. Were all struggling to balance personal with professional and earn a living doing what it is that we do. Here's another street. "The road is paved but long"-Mr. Lif.This is a $1500 fellowship yawl....

Big shout out to poet extraordinaire Alison Roh Park for passing this along.Here is the direct link to the fellowship:Queens Council Arts

If you are at all intimidated by applying to Grants or Fellowships, check out a local foundation in youre area, ask someone at a community based organization. Almost all CBO's have staff whose sole job is to look for grants or funding, so ask them for advice...


SNAG magazine is accepting submissions for the "Occupation" issue

SNAG= "Seventh Native American Generation"

Recently Snag Magazine in the Bay Area (Califaztlan) organized with several folks to make something amazing happen. With the help of artists, organizations, and groups such as Huaxtec, Seventh Generation Indigenous Visionaries, Dignidad Rebelde, a newly formed group of students from Haskell Indian Nations University in Kansas, the Palestine Educational Project, and Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA;) they funded a trip for native youth to go to Palestine to meet with youth out there. For more on this check their blog and see how you can be down:http://indigenousdelegation.wordpress.com

This is part of a message I recieved about contributing to the next issue of SNAG which will be very much related to the trip to Palestine, Why? The issue of land, appropriation of it, and outright genocide to take it is not new. Native youth here in the Americas have a lot in common with Palestinian youth.Thoughts on this?

How can you contribute? If you're a Native youth (ages 24 and under, no exceptions) send us your photos, pictures, drawings, graffiti, writing, poetry about the theme of Living Under Occupation. What did your family, grandparents experience? What do you experience today as a young Native person? What do you see as the result of Occupation in the land, in your cultural practices?

Email us at snagmagazine@yahoo.com! Send writing as word documents and your images saved very large (300 resolution and at least 5" by 3")


"Ethiopia" words: Ananda Khan + illustration: Tiffany Eng

Heres the newest piece for our IN THE WIND section about traveling, written by Ms Ananda Khan and illustrated by Tiffany Eng. Please holler at them and let them know what you think!!!A little background on these two. Ananda is a make up artist who works for tv, film, and is constantly working in between Canada and New York while finding the time to start up her own blog about life, work, and travels. She is a hard worker who's work grind is very fierce, but that has not kept her from being a very nice, warm, and down to earth person. True to her word, she has a passport and has used it! Love her writing.

Tiffany Eng is a multi-hustler who's rep extends in the photography, youth organizing, and fine art world. Not only does tiff co-direct an organization which advocates for young people in the Bay Area, but she is also a freelance photographer working with countless artists, musicians, etc. She loves camping....and she draws!
Happy to have them on the team yawl.


The Liberator Magazine-Open Call

The Liberator Magazine is accepting submissions yawl! Check them out. They have some really dope stories, reviews, and content yawl might like. If you write poetry, short stories, something on health, or you illustrate theres open call for new pieces....

Note to Come Bien Contributors: If you want to be an authority on something, these publications are a good way to build up you're portfolio so that you can compile all the little pieces into one large one, feel me?


Some opportunidades y informacion Yawl-Writers/Illustrators

"Keep practicing and you will get fresher"
Um, you have Ms. LeConte Dill for bring you this info about some exciting writing opportunities. Peep these two:

Check out "MYTHIUM" for some very interesting and parallel projects involving creative writing and illustration. This call for work is specifically for writers of color. Check it out.

Annnd, another one to check out is Alimentum (creative writing) and The Sketchbook Project(illustration). Now, neither of these are geared towards People of Color, but holler back. Do you think its relevant or necessary to post these up? I try to bug all of the contributors to lend me their resources for illustrators and writers of color so look out for more! Give Thanks to Ms. Cece Carpio (Muralist/Illustrator) for the link to the sketch book project!
Lastly, Brotherman Comics is not only re-issuing their comic "Brotherman" but they are putting up several issues up to read online for free!Wow, please go check them out...


Lee and Low taking manuscripts before SEPT 30th

Lee and Lowis a publisher of multicultural childrens books. I have been following them for a minute since I started looking for a broader variety of books for my child. They, like Cinco Puntos Press in Texas,and Childrens Book Press in San Francisco try very hard to focus on stoires that are as diverse as the children of the world and that is very refreshing as an artist and a parent. Go check them out, theyre located in New York, but anyone can submit a written manuscript/story here.
Illustrators, they also take submissions for finished illustratiosn I believe as well. Holler at em.


NICARAGUA-illustrated & written by Alejandra Perez, Layout by Joy Liu

NEW SECTION: And its called "In the Wind", heres the first edition. Its about poc (people of color) and their travels. Thoughts? Hit us up, or hit up the collaborators and let them know what you think.

Ive been choppin' it up with several world travelers for a minute now about doing something about their experiences. Peep what the extremely talented Alejandra Perez brings to you, and give it up for Joy Liu, because she put it down, its going to get even better as more young and adventurous folks write about where they have traveled. OG sistas and brothas, please share this with youre younger siblings, cousins, etc.Don't we need to get the $#@% out of our barrios, hoods, blocks, cities, etc and travel though? Agree or disagree?

Mosaic Literary Conference-November 7th

Im going to be at this event(Bronx, NY), please roll through if youre interested in learning more about self publishing, creating lesson plans that enfuse relevant history about people of color. If you are not in the NY or east coast area, I invite you to go check out mosaic online. Click the link below to read more about it. Mosaic magazine is definitely doing big things!!



Wiretap magazine in SF,Ca is looking for stories


An independent news and culture web magazine that generates and amplifies daily content by young people from diverse backgrounds -- has paid story and blog openings in September and October, if interested, send your resume and two writing samples or links to: tomas@wiretapmag.org..."

image from djzita.com

Heres a musical jewel to share with you, heard DJ Wonway playing this, its his Makossa mix.DOPE!Download it.


Black Authors and Illustrators of Children's Books: A Biographical Dictionary. - book reviews

I (Robert Trujillo) creator of Come Bien, have decided after being super inspired by Samax's Ghetto Manga Blog( go check him out-dude puts me up on countless amounts of info and hip hop crispyness) to try and provide mor articles or bits of info for you.

One of the things I had in mind when I started Come Bien along with the help of all the contributors was to make a positive impact on the life of children of color and my child through art and reading, but also to connect with other writers(poet, mc, or novelists) and illustrators (artist, painter) who felt the need for more books about people of color. There's something about seeing strong, confident, diverse, colorful, non stereotypical images and words about you that is inspiring... This lady took the time to catalogue hellla (a lot) of books, publishers, stores, and distributors who focus on African American writers and illustrators. To Peep the article click here This isnt to say I'm not in spired by Anglo artists or writers, it's just to take the responsibility with as so many others already have for centuries to tell our story. I we dont tell it, its bound to be ingnored, mis-told, or just plain old, jacked up! Come bien is meant to be an effort to stop talking and start self publishing!

"We are not responsible for our oppression, but we are responsible for our liberation"
-Audre Lorde

-Robert "Tres" Trujillo
TYS Collective, Come Bien Books


Garbonzo Bean Salad + Sweet Potato "Fries" by Brian Augsburger-Mighty Healthy!

This collab is brought to you by Brian and Rob of Come Bien Books for the Mighty Healthy section of CBB. This section is meant to highlight healthy, natural, or just good ways of living for our readers. The focus is on POC (people of color) but every one is welcome and anyone can benefit from conversation on how to eat or live healthier in this toxic system we live in. Come Bien!And please hit up Brian Augsburger and let him know how the recipe comes out after you make it, not only is Brian a self proclaimed Food Geek, but he is also a very good cook who has a knack for Pie makin'. Next month perhaps Bee?


CBB is under construction

Hey folks, with all the craziness this month we will be tking a very short break.So we'll be under construction til August 1st.Trust, new material is on the stove cooking-just wanted to give you a proper plate with the right size helping.In the meantime, tell your folks to follow us here, on myspace, or facebook.
-Robert Trujillo/Tres


Donald Byrd-By Dj Sake1, Joy Liu, Robert Trujillo-Yah Ned to know about it!

What a week, its been a stressful one for me, but never the less, we move on.....

Peep this new collaboration by the newest Come Bien contributor DJ Sake 1. This brotha hails from the San Francisco, ca and has been putting it down in the Bay Area, California, and National music+dj culture+party rockin'+hip hop+i could go on scene for many moons! When I asked Sake to contribute he was down and had this to say about a a drawing I did-based on a memory I had of him actually playing "Think Twice" by Donald Byrd at the Luggage Store in SF waaay back in 06' i think. Anyways, peep his experience.And the homie has alot of it, he has opened up for just about everybody musically you love, and has been holding dwn weekly+ monthly parties like "Pacific Standard Time" for hella long. Hit him up!!!
http://djsake1.com/, www.myspace.com/djsake1

And the layout, did you see how fly it is?!!!????Ms "Joy Liu" is one of the most talented layout scientists I've ever seen! She puts all these major magazines to shame with her solid, effortlessly stylish, bold text+image, and color usage. Were coming for ya, and with Ms. Liu on the team,,,,,um it just got that much realer! Are u ready for the Come Bien Books Compilation book? ooooh, dont want to give away too much. Please check out Ms Liu's dope artwork, because guess what? She paints too! Her Illustration is ridic...ok just hit her up!
http://revoluxindesigns.com, http://joyliu.org/

For those who are not yet sure what or why this artwork is being created, let me explain briefly: “we are not responsible for our oppression, but we are responsible for our liberation” -Audre Lorde
Come Bien Books was created in 2007 with the help of talented illustrators and creative writers to create collaborations which focused on people of color to inform, inspire, and connect with you all. Hope you like the direction its going in. Baby steps become entire staircases…….Please tell a friend on facebook, myspace, or blogspot. We’re there.
-Robert Trujillo/ Tres
Trust Your Struggle Collective
“Come Bien” Books


MOSAIC Magazine-Yah Need to know about it-Robert Trujillo

Thanks Ron. Folks, Go peep the website! www.mosaicmagazine.org
-Robert Trujillo/Tres
TYS Collective
"Come Bien Books


Yah need to know about it-Mutulu SHAKUR illustrated by BORISH, designed by JOY Liu, and written by ROBERT Trujillo

Peace yAWL, i had hella more pieces planned to come out this month about travel and healthy livin' but alas life is hella hard for hella people.And, if you think you have it rough, theres alot more who have it rougher.Thats not really the pt though. Trust Your Struggle, you will make it, and you will move past every road block. Youre Winning~

Peep this months new piece about Mutulu Shakur-caution-theres prob typos, some info that may be slightly off, if so please correct us and please do more research.The "Yah need to know about it" section is about introducing you-the artists, the readers, the parents, the youth, the activists, the beautiful people you are to these folks so u can check em out if they interest you.

Peep the super saucy layout design by JOY LIU if you would like to get at her-shes not on myspace anymo' but you can email her at art@joyliu.org, you can holler at Borish here, hes on our top friends as Mincho Vega or you can hit up his new blog: minchovega.blogspot.com

-MR Robert Trujillo
TYS Collectivo, Come Bien Books
Bay to brooklyn


ITZPAPALOTL -Yah need to know about it-Written by Amelia Berumen and illustrated by Tiffany Eng

Peace folks we have a new piece written by a self motivated and creative business woman Ms. Amelia Berumen who started ITZPAPALOTL-check it out to see why you should know about her work.Also, peep the illustration that Ms. Tiffany Eng did composing many images from imagination and Amelia's work. You can holler at them both on myspace or Facebook.Let them know how you feel about it.
TYS Collective
"Come bien" Books

"Soy La Frida"-Yah need to know about her...

Introducing writer and Illustrator Alejandra Perez who so graciously wrote and illustrated something about some one you need to know about, if yoy dont already know her.I'll let you read about Ms. Frida Kahlo.Please hit her up and let her know what you think on Facebook or www.myspace.com/mizz_perez_07
Thank you Alejandra!
TYS,Come Bien


Stretching Vol.2-Mighty Healthy-By Robert Trujillo

Whut it do blog folkers.Here is the second installment of a 2 part series on Stretching. If for any reason you don't understand the layout or how to do the poses, holler at me. Hope all is well.Peace.
-Robert Trujillo/Tres
TYSC, Come Bien

And heres the web teaser:


Taishi Duchicela-JORGE Ben 2009 Come Bien Books Collab.

This is for the Yah need to know about it section. Sorry,the article below it on stretching was also created for the Mighty Healthy section.

Please hit up Taishi if you are on Myspace or Facebook to let her know what you think. Or if you would like to get in touch with her, email me at come bienbooks@yahoo.com and I will relay the message. Please dont sleep on Jorge Ben, if anyone is knowledgeable about this guy's music its her. And Jorge has some of the illest cuts breakwise and just good brazilian, soul, funky, music wise.peace!

Some basic stretching poses-Robert Trujillo


Ok, so for some folks who want to know about the process.What I did was:
1. Take fotos of all the stretching poses.
2. I then redrew the fotos with a brush and ink.
3. I scanned them into a computer using photoshop.
4. I scanned in a background fabric (dashiki fabric).
5. To make the fabric yellow, I made the cloth
-adjusted the levels, using the dropper tool to make it dark or lighter in certain places.
-Then I changed the doc. back to RGB.
-Placed a yellow filled layer on top of the b/w fabric layer
-Then i made this yellow layer -adjustment "screen" Thanks ZEES!-He showed me this trick!

For the figures:
I did the same thing, only with green and then combined the two on a seperate oage. I usually make the Come Bien articles about 8x10.
-I then combined hand written lettering using the same technique.
-I wrote out a description and went through several spell checks by eye balling it.
-Photoshop doesnt have a spell check, so you have to read it over.
I combined the two and that was it. If you have any questions on how to do this, please email me at
Trust Your Struggle Collective
"Come Bien" Books