All Latino Superhero Team-Joe Quesada

Thought you would appreciate a few things about this.
1.The CEO of MARVEL is Latino/Hispanic/Raza and his name is Joe Quesada!
2. This show was curated by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez (who you see with Joe towards the end of the clip) who is one of the driving forces behind "Somos Arte", a creative studio owned by people of color in Brooklyn( as far as I can tell-dont qoute me).
3. The Show was held at The Carribean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute(CCCADI) which sponsors some pretty cool events in NYC.
4. And perhaps the most important thing about this-this is one of the only all Latino team of superhero's! I thought it was the first, but Lalo Alcaraz corrected me-not the first, which is a good thing.

Que wow, no? Pass it on!Something you can show the kids bridging Latino and African Culture...


Antwain Marcy said...

thank you for posting. Eye have been following him 4 anos.

Come Bien Books said...

Right on Ant, i was reading some utube comments and folks were hatin' on this dude hella hard. Being that I dont knw the history of Marvel and DC, please educate us! Lol.U the man...