Come Bien featured in L Magazine, kinda.

Check it out yawl, i know it talks more about Rob than CBB, but i thought Jasmine, Joy, Fatch, Ananda, Tiffany, and Raina might want to know that I asked them to give you all links/credit for your work so your name is mentioned in the piece. Who wants to work on a logo with me? We need one instead of my mug. I will ask them to change it to one of the cbb collaboration pieces. Thx to Andrea and Allie! Check out the full article here:
L magazine



alejandra perez said...

wat u neeed for the logo?

Come Bien Books said...

Honestly, im not sure.I came up with some ideas awhile back that Im probably gonna use for now, but will def need youre input as we will need a consensus, you know? Thx for paying attention though Ale.