The Liberator Magazine-Open Call

The Liberator Magazine is accepting submissions yawl! Check them out. They have some really dope stories, reviews, and content yawl might like. If you write poetry, short stories, something on health, or you illustrate theres open call for new pieces....

Note to Come Bien Contributors: If you want to be an authority on something, these publications are a good way to build up you're portfolio so that you can compile all the little pieces into one large one, feel me?


Some opportunidades y informacion Yawl-Writers/Illustrators

"Keep practicing and you will get fresher"
Um, you have Ms. LeConte Dill for bring you this info about some exciting writing opportunities. Peep these two:

Check out "MYTHIUM" for some very interesting and parallel projects involving creative writing and illustration. This call for work is specifically for writers of color. Check it out.

Annnd, another one to check out is Alimentum (creative writing) and The Sketchbook Project(illustration). Now, neither of these are geared towards People of Color, but holler back. Do you think its relevant or necessary to post these up? I try to bug all of the contributors to lend me their resources for illustrators and writers of color so look out for more! Give Thanks to Ms. Cece Carpio (Muralist/Illustrator) for the link to the sketch book project!
Lastly, Brotherman Comics is not only re-issuing their comic "Brotherman" but they are putting up several issues up to read online for free!Wow, please go check them out...


Lee and Low taking manuscripts before SEPT 30th

Lee and Lowis a publisher of multicultural childrens books. I have been following them for a minute since I started looking for a broader variety of books for my child. They, like Cinco Puntos Press in Texas,and Childrens Book Press in San Francisco try very hard to focus on stoires that are as diverse as the children of the world and that is very refreshing as an artist and a parent. Go check them out, theyre located in New York, but anyone can submit a written manuscript/story here.
Illustrators, they also take submissions for finished illustratiosn I believe as well. Holler at em.


NICARAGUA-illustrated & written by Alejandra Perez, Layout by Joy Liu

NEW SECTION: And its called "In the Wind", heres the first edition. Its about poc (people of color) and their travels. Thoughts? Hit us up, or hit up the collaborators and let them know what you think.

Ive been choppin' it up with several world travelers for a minute now about doing something about their experiences. Peep what the extremely talented Alejandra Perez brings to you, and give it up for Joy Liu, because she put it down, its going to get even better as more young and adventurous folks write about where they have traveled. OG sistas and brothas, please share this with youre younger siblings, cousins, etc.Don't we need to get the $#@% out of our barrios, hoods, blocks, cities, etc and travel though? Agree or disagree?

Mosaic Literary Conference-November 7th

Im going to be at this event(Bronx, NY), please roll through if youre interested in learning more about self publishing, creating lesson plans that enfuse relevant history about people of color. If you are not in the NY or east coast area, I invite you to go check out mosaic online. Click the link below to read more about it. Mosaic magazine is definitely doing big things!!