Scholarship for POC-Berlin,Germany


Its worth looking into a little deeper than the surface but there are two scholarships for an MBA program related to creative leadership in business. Its a bit cool and a bit odd, check it out and Give thanks to Multi Cult classics Blog for this one. You could be chillin' with Nneka?! Might could be...After you check this out, I'd love to hear some feedback, is this good or bad?



Photography Grants, Zines Projects, Sites

Photography Grants:Big thanks to Alison Roh Park again for hitting us up with these informational links on grants, fellowships,etc.

1. Graduate photography students are invited to submit works to inMotion's 2010
Photography Auction & Benefit scheduled for Monday, April 19, 2010 at
the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers. Selected student works will be
included in the Silent Auction, which will total 40 - 50 lots. The
Benefit also features a Live Auction of high-end contemporary and
classic photographs. Application Attached! Due Nov 20:

2. Humble Open Call: 31 under 31: Young Women in Art Photography II due
before Nov 30:This grant was originally for women under 31, but has been changed to serve any age group that would like to apply.

3. Michael P. Smith Fund
For Documentary Photography
Due Nov 30th

4. Cinereach is now accepting letters of inquiry and sample work for
their winter grant cycle. They will request full proposals from
selected projects in January. Grants range from $5,000 to $50,000 and
are awarded to films at any stage.
Due Dec 1st

5. Sony world photography awards competition due before Dec 4:

6. The Puffin Foundation is accepting grant proposals from emerging
artists in the fields of art, music, photography, theater, and video.
Due Dec 15th http://www.puffinfoundation.org/grants/prospectiveapplicant.html.

7. The year 2010 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Dorothea
Lange–Paul Taylor documentary prize, a $20,000 award given annually by
the Center for Documentary Studies. The Lange-Taylor Prize is offered
to a writer and a photographer in the early stages of a documentary
project Due January, 31, 2010.

Zine/Sketchbook Project: Big shout to Alejandra Perez for hitting us with this one/Shes working on a project with these folks...

1.The Fiction Project : This looks like a pretty cool project, where you receive a small sketchbook, you fill it with art, then you send it back to a library in Red Hook, Brooklyn where they make it available for folks to see in an exhibit.

Other Links:

1. Great listings:

2. Great resource for residencies:

3. Great place, you need to search quite a bit though, for grants:

4. The artists health insurance resource center:

COOL POC(People of Color)SITES:

1. BLACK BUTTERFLY :Arts and Culture from the Bay Area and Beyond
Check this out, a site with some pretty cool things, brought o us by the very talented Ms Karen Seneferu from the Bay Area. This site is run by a very talented artist name Marissa Arteberry.

2. Aesthetic Ascencion: A site for and by African Artists run by Malik Seneferu also out of the Bay Area

3. Society Harriets Alter Ego (SHAE): This is a site which was formally a store in Brooklyn, focusing on a hybrid mixture of fashion, music, art, and African culture. Run by Ngozi Odita

4. Afro Punk: So much to be said about AP, I think the name and the site are pretty self explanatory.Check it out. Be sure to check out the fotos Pablo Serrano from Columbia took at their last event in LA.


Poster Contest + Fellowship

Once again you have the extremely talented Ms. Alison Roh Park to thank for these opportunities for you illustrators, writers, and exciters...

Calling all artists and graphic designers who support diversity and LGBT rights!
Q-Wave is dedicated to strengthening the voices of lesbian/bisexual/queer women and transgender/gender variant people of Asian descent. We strive to build a supportive, progressive community by promoting visibility and empowerment through social, political, and educational organizing.

Prize: Winning designer will receive a $200 cash prize and have their winning design produced and used to publicize our participation in the parade.
Deadline:11:59pm, Thursday, November 19, 2009
Submit to: lunarnewyearforall@gmail.com
The link for organization is http://www.q-wave.org/, NOTE: There is important information about the words, phrases, and guidelines for this contest.If you are intersted please email them for specifics.

2.FELLOWSHIP: Black Metropolis Research Consortium Announces Two Fellowship Programs in African American Studies

One-or two-month fellowships plus a stipend of up to $3,000 will be offered to scholars, artists, educators, writers, and researchers for studies relating to African-American and African diasporic culture, history, and politics....
Deadline: January 11, 2010

BMRC is also administering the Timuel D. Black, Jr. Short-Term Fellowship in African American Studies
The fellowship program supports scholars, writers, educators, and institutional researchers who would benefit from research conducted at the Vivian G. Harsh Collection. The fellowship period is for one or two months during the summer of 2010. Fellows will receive a stipend of $2,000 per month while conducting research in Chicago. The link for this great opportunity is here at http://www.blackmetropolisresearch.org/

Wow! You mean you can show youre support for a queer-progressive organization or research Black History and get financial support to do it?! I wonder what else is out there that were not being told about. If you (yes you) hear of any opportunities for or related to artists or creative writers of color please let us know so we can spread the good word...


Junot Diaz-Jasmine Deras, Joy Liu, & Robert Trujillo

It brings great pleasure to let you know about this great writer Mr. Junot Diaz. I highly recommend his stuff. Also, we have a new artist on deck. The very talented Ms. Jasmine Deras from the bay area who is bringing it with this one. Definitely check out her work. If you havent been able to peep Joy Liu's work, its because she's working on her site, handling hella (a lot) of business, and enjoying the life as a free agent. Please holler with feedback or any related stories if you've read Junot's stuff.