It brings me great honor and pleasure to present to your eyes a beautiful magazine called "PURPLE", created by Ms. Dazjae aka Purple Zoe,Q, Bassagirl Osedra, Candy Anamoly, and Dollmatic. Contributing to this issue and up on deck are Tonya Moore, Janine Jackson, Samax Amen,and Valjeanne Jeffers. In this beautiful publication you will find Poetry, Photography, Art, Do it Yourself Instructions (Revolutionary #$%^!), and Healthy life stlye choices and practices. One of the pieces that struck me was the about Dr.Kamkwamba,(who is something I feel our children don't get to see much) an African scientist and inventor!Another was the piece by brother Samax, creator of Ghetto Manga. Also don't forget to check out muralist/illustrator Corrine Stevie! But, check it out yourself. For all of those folks reading this looking for an example of something diverse, artistic, and full of knowledge for young people, please download youre copy here, or better yet buy a hard copy from Purplemag.com for your classroom, library, organization, or for your self.

NOTE: Purple Magazine is accepting submissions forissue 9. That includes creative writing, photography, illustration, and probably a lot more you can imagine.To read the submissions requirements please direct your attention ">here


Artist Fellowship-Queens, NY Due: OCT 29TH!

And heres another opportunity for Artist of Color, not sure if this is for folk in the US or just in NY. But, You can apply to this and pass it on. Let artists know. Were all struggling to balance personal with professional and earn a living doing what it is that we do. Here's another street. "The road is paved but long"-Mr. Lif.This is a $1500 fellowship yawl....

Big shout out to poet extraordinaire Alison Roh Park for passing this along.Here is the direct link to the fellowship:Queens Council Arts

If you are at all intimidated by applying to Grants or Fellowships, check out a local foundation in youre area, ask someone at a community based organization. Almost all CBO's have staff whose sole job is to look for grants or funding, so ask them for advice...


SNAG magazine is accepting submissions for the "Occupation" issue

SNAG= "Seventh Native American Generation"

Recently Snag Magazine in the Bay Area (Califaztlan) organized with several folks to make something amazing happen. With the help of artists, organizations, and groups such as Huaxtec, Seventh Generation Indigenous Visionaries, Dignidad Rebelde, a newly formed group of students from Haskell Indian Nations University in Kansas, the Palestine Educational Project, and Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA;) they funded a trip for native youth to go to Palestine to meet with youth out there. For more on this check their blog and see how you can be down:http://indigenousdelegation.wordpress.com

This is part of a message I recieved about contributing to the next issue of SNAG which will be very much related to the trip to Palestine, Why? The issue of land, appropriation of it, and outright genocide to take it is not new. Native youth here in the Americas have a lot in common with Palestinian youth.Thoughts on this?

How can you contribute? If you're a Native youth (ages 24 and under, no exceptions) send us your photos, pictures, drawings, graffiti, writing, poetry about the theme of Living Under Occupation. What did your family, grandparents experience? What do you experience today as a young Native person? What do you see as the result of Occupation in the land, in your cultural practices?

Email us at snagmagazine@yahoo.com! Send writing as word documents and your images saved very large (300 resolution and at least 5" by 3")


"Ethiopia" words: Ananda Khan + illustration: Tiffany Eng

Heres the newest piece for our IN THE WIND section about traveling, written by Ms Ananda Khan and illustrated by Tiffany Eng. Please holler at them and let them know what you think!!!A little background on these two. Ananda is a make up artist who works for tv, film, and is constantly working in between Canada and New York while finding the time to start up her own blog about life, work, and travels. She is a hard worker who's work grind is very fierce, but that has not kept her from being a very nice, warm, and down to earth person. True to her word, she has a passport and has used it! Love her writing.

Tiffany Eng is a multi-hustler who's rep extends in the photography, youth organizing, and fine art world. Not only does tiff co-direct an organization which advocates for young people in the Bay Area, but she is also a freelance photographer working with countless artists, musicians, etc. She loves camping....and she draws!
Happy to have them on the team yawl.