Donald Byrd-By Dj Sake1, Joy Liu, Robert Trujillo-Yah Ned to know about it!

What a week, its been a stressful one for me, but never the less, we move on.....

Peep this new collaboration by the newest Come Bien contributor DJ Sake 1. This brotha hails from the San Francisco, ca and has been putting it down in the Bay Area, California, and National music+dj culture+party rockin'+hip hop+i could go on scene for many moons! When I asked Sake to contribute he was down and had this to say about a a drawing I did-based on a memory I had of him actually playing "Think Twice" by Donald Byrd at the Luggage Store in SF waaay back in 06' i think. Anyways, peep his experience.And the homie has alot of it, he has opened up for just about everybody musically you love, and has been holding dwn weekly+ monthly parties like "Pacific Standard Time" for hella long. Hit him up!!!
http://djsake1.com/, www.myspace.com/djsake1

And the layout, did you see how fly it is?!!!????Ms "Joy Liu" is one of the most talented layout scientists I've ever seen! She puts all these major magazines to shame with her solid, effortlessly stylish, bold text+image, and color usage. Were coming for ya, and with Ms. Liu on the team,,,,,um it just got that much realer! Are u ready for the Come Bien Books Compilation book? ooooh, dont want to give away too much. Please check out Ms Liu's dope artwork, because guess what? She paints too! Her Illustration is ridic...ok just hit her up!
http://revoluxindesigns.com, http://joyliu.org/

For those who are not yet sure what or why this artwork is being created, let me explain briefly: “we are not responsible for our oppression, but we are responsible for our liberation” -Audre Lorde
Come Bien Books was created in 2007 with the help of talented illustrators and creative writers to create collaborations which focused on people of color to inform, inspire, and connect with you all. Hope you like the direction its going in. Baby steps become entire staircases…….Please tell a friend on facebook, myspace, or blogspot. We’re there.
-Robert Trujillo/ Tres
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