ITZPAPALOTL -Yah need to know about it-Written by Amelia Berumen and illustrated by Tiffany Eng

Peace folks we have a new piece written by a self motivated and creative business woman Ms. Amelia Berumen who started ITZPAPALOTL-check it out to see why you should know about her work.Also, peep the illustration that Ms. Tiffany Eng did composing many images from imagination and Amelia's work. You can holler at them both on myspace or Facebook.Let them know how you feel about it.
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"Soy La Frida"-Yah need to know about her...

Introducing writer and Illustrator Alejandra Perez who so graciously wrote and illustrated something about some one you need to know about, if yoy dont already know her.I'll let you read about Ms. Frida Kahlo.Please hit her up and let her know what you think on Facebook or www.myspace.com/mizz_perez_07
Thank you Alejandra!
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