Ymca GLOBAL Teens Program

Heres another opportunity to leave the United States. The Ymca has a program for New York City teens called GLOBAL TEENS, I will email the coordinator to find out if its available in other cities. But, check this out if you are a young person who wishes to travel internationally. Disclaimer, you might want to check out the Ymca mission statement and history to see what they stand for. They have not always been for people of color and their beliefs are aligned with Christianity. Hence the name "Young Mens Christian Association".

I can say personally since I have worked at the Ymca as an arts instructor that almost all of the people I worked with were people of color and they do have some really great programs for young people. You can tell by watching this video that young people of color not only need programs but they are taking full advantage of them. But again, do your homework!

Check out the youths testimonies who traveled. One of my students from Brooklyn, Tyler is in the video towards the end with her mom who told me, she's trying to send her daughter to travel to as many countries outside of the US as possible!


Come Bien featured in L Magazine, kinda.

Check it out yawl, i know it talks more about Rob than CBB, but i thought Jasmine, Joy, Fatch, Ananda, Tiffany, and Raina might want to know that I asked them to give you all links/credit for your work so your name is mentioned in the piece. Who wants to work on a logo with me? We need one instead of my mug. I will ask them to change it to one of the cbb collaboration pieces. Thx to Andrea and Allie! Check out the full article here:
L magazine



The One World Foundation

After reading several pieces about people who have traveled outside of the US and been to far away places you probably wondered how you could afford to do that anytime soon. Well, the creator has just nudged us with an opportunity to give you. Thank Alison Roh Park again for bringing constant globs of knowledge and resources, soon you will hear her poetic voice!

Check this out!!!! The One World Foundation! This organization was founded by two Women of color named Dana L. Olds and Tiffany M. Gardner along with a brother named Charles Chear. Since the founding of this organization in 2007 they have "sent over 20 young people" of color "on four international service projects. They're focus is on human rights and building solidarity between young people of color and communities of color internationally!

Y sabes que? They are excepting applications. They are due FEBRUARY 1st, 2010

There is more info about what programs are what, but they have special programs for young people aged 18-25 and 26-35. Scholarships are available but you better apply asap if you want to get them! They have been to CAMBODIA, SENEGAL, INDIA, and UGANDA.

Check out these videos:

One of their partners in Cambodia are Tiny Toones, check them out:

-Come Bien Books
"In The Wind"


All Latino Superhero Team-Joe Quesada

Thought you would appreciate a few things about this.
1.The CEO of MARVEL is Latino/Hispanic/Raza and his name is Joe Quesada!
2. This show was curated by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez (who you see with Joe towards the end of the clip) who is one of the driving forces behind "Somos Arte", a creative studio owned by people of color in Brooklyn( as far as I can tell-dont qoute me).
3. The Show was held at The Carribean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute(CCCADI) which sponsors some pretty cool events in NYC.
4. And perhaps the most important thing about this-this is one of the only all Latino team of superhero's! I thought it was the first, but Lalo Alcaraz corrected me-not the first, which is a good thing.

Que wow, no? Pass it on!Something you can show the kids bridging Latino and African Culture...


"Costa Rica" words by Raina J. Leon, Illustration by Fatch Chapeyama

Apologies for the delay yawl. Our email got hacked twice, but Joy informed me that its a bot or machine, not a person.I pictured some nerdy dude clicking away because he erased some important #$%^. Anyways, the wait is worth it for this months piece and two new collaborators to Come Bien! This is another edition of "In the Wind", a section about people of color from the U.S., who have traveled beyond its borders .....Peep.The portfolio's and accomplishments of the team that bring you this month's piece are extensive to say the least.

Sister Raina J. Leon is a published author/ poet who has been featured in over twenty print and online publications. She was a finalist for the Cave Canem First Poetry Book and the Andres Montoya poetry prize awards. She has received fellowships for creative writing from the Vermont Studio Center, Kimmel Harding, has lead the High School Literacy Project, and she is working on an anthology to teach Latin@ poetry for students from several age groups. Whew! She is currently teaching English and Spanish in Germany. Make sure you check out her book "Canticle of Idols", a collection of poetry.

I met the extremely talented artist Fatch Chapeyama this past summer at the Pueblo Nuevo Gallery, through another talnted artist, Ms. Annette Diniz (whom you will be seeing more of soon too hopeully). Fatch comes to you from many places, Michigan and the Bay Area being some of them. Not only is this brother a talented illustrator but he also a product designer. You can check out his illustrations, product and graphic design work by clicking on his name.

Check them both out and please comment