Ymca GLOBAL Teens Program

Heres another opportunity to leave the United States. The Ymca has a program for New York City teens called GLOBAL TEENS, I will email the coordinator to find out if its available in other cities. But, check this out if you are a young person who wishes to travel internationally. Disclaimer, you might want to check out the Ymca mission statement and history to see what they stand for. They have not always been for people of color and their beliefs are aligned with Christianity. Hence the name "Young Mens Christian Association".

I can say personally since I have worked at the Ymca as an arts instructor that almost all of the people I worked with were people of color and they do have some really great programs for young people. You can tell by watching this video that young people of color not only need programs but they are taking full advantage of them. But again, do your homework!

Check out the youths testimonies who traveled. One of my students from Brooklyn, Tyler is in the video towards the end with her mom who told me, she's trying to send her daughter to travel to as many countries outside of the US as possible!


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