Akonadi Poster Contest

Peace yawl, just came across this poster contest at a local organization in the Bay Area, but as I understand it; it is open to folks from anywhere as long as it portrays what "racial justice" looks like. Check out Akonadi's site for more information.If any of you readers come across contests such as this for visual artwork or creative writing, please hit us up!

From the site: "Since 2000, the Akonadi Foundation has been working to support and nurture a racial justice movement that can finally put an end to the structural racism that lies at the heart of social inequity in the United States".

Come Bien Books


ILC Africa Cultural Exchange program for YOUTH

The Cultural Exchange Program for the College Bound Student

Peep, heres another opportunity to send young people of color you know abroad. Definitely worth checking out!

The Edge is an intensive three-week program that responds to the needs of the college bound high school student who is seeking an international cultural experience with a college admissions focus. The program allows you to:

* obtain an emerging markets internship,
* take an intense SAT Reasoning preparation course,
* participate in a group service learning project,
* learn from visiting USA professors, and
* explore the natural wonders of Ghana.

The Edge is an ideal experience for high school students from grades 9-12:

1. Students can apply individually; or
2. Schools/Organizations with a minimum of six (6) participants may apply as a group and customize their own experience.

Each group of six (6) is entitled to a free adult chaperone (airfare not included).

The deadline for this is Feb 1st: email edge@ilcafrica.com

Multicultural Fellowship -San Francisco, CA

You have the talented poet and Dr. to be LeConte Dill to thank for this one here. Read through the qualifications and let us know if there are any opportunities in arts, creative writing in your city, that way we can pass it on to folks who read here.
What kind of job/fellowship position is this? The kind that helps people of color by arming them with knowledge of funding for artists and community based organizations in the Bay Area region of California. But, read more on the link.
DUE DATE: March 22nd, 2010


LEAH, 1977 by Tamara Davidson y Joy Liu

This is a long awaited addition to our short stories/ poetry section. More coming very soon. Although these are very difficult to pull off (need the illustration and words to complement each other), here you have the very talented and emerging writer/poet Ms. Tamara Davidson from Harlem World, USA. Riding alongside her in this collaboration of poetry and illustration is no stranger to your eyes; the talented artist and design guru Joy Liu, who picked up her brushes for this amazing collaboration. Please check it out and comment, let them know what you think. More collaboraions of short stories and poems on the way for the new year.


Donny Hathaway-Siaira Harris, Alison Roh Park, Arinna Nazli, y Joy Liu

New year, new pieces, Feliz ano nuevo! Three new collaborators on this piece about the magical spirit and talent of Donny Hathaway.This piece was submitted by Ms. Siaira Harris almost a year and a half ago, long time to wait, I know. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Siaira work you must gop check out her music because she not only writes, but is a talented vocalist/singer/performer. You can listen on her myspace or catch up with her on twitter.
Next up we have the exceptional and extremely talented writer/poet extraordinaire Alison Roh Park who took off thew writing hat to get down on the illustration side of things this time. NICE! Alison is one of the most free flowing, intentional, and hard hitting writers we've seen. Not only that, but she brought a homie (thats fly!), another visual artist by the name of "Arinna Nazli". Look out for more from Alison (and hopefully Arinna)soon as we have some gems that have been on the stove cooking, almost ready to serve. And last but not least, you have the painter/illustrator/ design guru Ms. Joy Liu taking the fabric of several minds and sewing it all together so to speak.

How are we doing so far in 2010? Please contact each artist to let them know what you think, im sure they would appreciate the feedback, or simply leave a comment here.


Just came across this African Film/Animation festival in London through African Digital art, looks like there is much talent out there that deserve a bit more shine. Considering that many novels and comics are being turned into films or animations, thought you would want to see it.