Cave Canem Poetry Prize

You must check out writer Ron Davis' blog, because that is where I found this gem. If anyone applies for this, please holler back and let us know how the process was...This is for writers of color, spread the word.

April 30, 2010

Entry Fee:

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A prize of $1,000 and publication by University of Georgia Press will be given annually for a first poetry collection by an African American poet. Elizabeth Alexander will judge. Submit two copies of a manuscript of 50 to 75 pages with a $15 entry fee by April 30. Call, e-mail, or visit the Web site for complete guidelines.
Cave Canem Foundation, 20 Jay Street, Suite 310-A, Brooklyn, NY 11201. (718) 858-0000. Camille Rankine, Contact.


Inspiration:Yuko Shimizu+Atenco

Inspiring illustrator Yuko Shimizu

An illustration from the Atenco actions, protests, uprising in Mexico, illustrator unknown....via Radio Disidente


Show/Honors for Borish and Tamara

If you didnt get a chance to catch Elegy in Brooklyn,nyc. it's not too late! Go see it now, its at Fresthetic and features the work of Come Bien Illustrator Borish! An incredible show with tons of new and recent work...Here's a link to fotos from the show. Felicidades Borish!

And, Ms Tamara Davidson, the extremely hard working and talented Poet she is, was featured as a contributing writer in Artist:Activist! A magazine about Black artist and Activists who are making exceptional and impactful work across the U.S. This magazine was sponsored by The Center For Black Literature If you have not read the magazine, please check it out here! Congradulations Tamara!


Please Dont Stare At Me=Tamara Davidson+Borish

It gives me great pleasure to bring you the collaboration of poetry and illustration. The great writer and poet Tamara Davidson started this collaboration by writing based on what she saw in two illustrations from Borish. The illustrations and poem are about "Domesticas" or women in the U.S.( usually from other countries) and the struggles they face as care givers. How do the European American Children they cared for see them once they're all grown up? Food and creativity for thought. And a remarkable job by both Tamara and Borish.