Show/Honors for Borish and Tamara

If you didnt get a chance to catch Elegy in Brooklyn,nyc. it's not too late! Go see it now, its at Fresthetic and features the work of Come Bien Illustrator Borish! An incredible show with tons of new and recent work...Here's a link to fotos from the show. Felicidades Borish!

And, Ms Tamara Davidson, the extremely hard working and talented Poet she is, was featured as a contributing writer in Artist:Activist! A magazine about Black artist and Activists who are making exceptional and impactful work across the U.S. This magazine was sponsored by The Center For Black Literature If you have not read the magazine, please check it out here! Congradulations Tamara!


Alison Roh Park said...

wow this is hot!

Robert Trujillo said...

Thx OG Alison, let me know if u get the urge to post sumn bout an inspiring author/artist...