Stretching Vol.2-Mighty Healthy-By Robert Trujillo

Whut it do blog folkers.Here is the second installment of a 2 part series on Stretching. If for any reason you don't understand the layout or how to do the poses, holler at me. Hope all is well.Peace.
-Robert Trujillo/Tres
TYSC, Come Bien

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Taishi Duchicela-JORGE Ben 2009 Come Bien Books Collab.

This is for the Yah need to know about it section. Sorry,the article below it on stretching was also created for the Mighty Healthy section.

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Some basic stretching poses-Robert Trujillo


Ok, so for some folks who want to know about the process.What I did was:
1. Take fotos of all the stretching poses.
2. I then redrew the fotos with a brush and ink.
3. I scanned them into a computer using photoshop.
4. I scanned in a background fabric (dashiki fabric).
5. To make the fabric yellow, I made the cloth
-adjusted the levels, using the dropper tool to make it dark or lighter in certain places.
-Then I changed the doc. back to RGB.
-Placed a yellow filled layer on top of the b/w fabric layer
-Then i made this yellow layer -adjustment "screen" Thanks ZEES!-He showed me this trick!

For the figures:
I did the same thing, only with green and then combined the two on a seperate oage. I usually make the Come Bien articles about 8x10.
-I then combined hand written lettering using the same technique.
-I wrote out a description and went through several spell checks by eye balling it.
-Photoshop doesnt have a spell check, so you have to read it over.
I combined the two and that was it. If you have any questions on how to do this, please email me at
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