Some basic stretching poses-Robert Trujillo


Ok, so for some folks who want to know about the process.What I did was:
1. Take fotos of all the stretching poses.
2. I then redrew the fotos with a brush and ink.
3. I scanned them into a computer using photoshop.
4. I scanned in a background fabric (dashiki fabric).
5. To make the fabric yellow, I made the cloth
-adjusted the levels, using the dropper tool to make it dark or lighter in certain places.
-Then I changed the doc. back to RGB.
-Placed a yellow filled layer on top of the b/w fabric layer
-Then i made this yellow layer -adjustment "screen" Thanks ZEES!-He showed me this trick!

For the figures:
I did the same thing, only with green and then combined the two on a seperate oage. I usually make the Come Bien articles about 8x10.
-I then combined hand written lettering using the same technique.
-I wrote out a description and went through several spell checks by eye balling it.
-Photoshop doesnt have a spell check, so you have to read it over.
I combined the two and that was it. If you have any questions on how to do this, please email me at
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