The One World Foundation

After reading several pieces about people who have traveled outside of the US and been to far away places you probably wondered how you could afford to do that anytime soon. Well, the creator has just nudged us with an opportunity to give you. Thank Alison Roh Park again for bringing constant globs of knowledge and resources, soon you will hear her poetic voice!

Check this out!!!! The One World Foundation! This organization was founded by two Women of color named Dana L. Olds and Tiffany M. Gardner along with a brother named Charles Chear. Since the founding of this organization in 2007 they have "sent over 20 young people" of color "on four international service projects. They're focus is on human rights and building solidarity between young people of color and communities of color internationally!

Y sabes que? They are excepting applications. They are due FEBRUARY 1st, 2010

There is more info about what programs are what, but they have special programs for young people aged 18-25 and 26-35. Scholarships are available but you better apply asap if you want to get them! They have been to CAMBODIA, SENEGAL, INDIA, and UGANDA.

Check out these videos:

One of their partners in Cambodia are Tiny Toones, check them out:

-Come Bien Books
"In The Wind"

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