"Ethiopia" words: Ananda Khan + illustration: Tiffany Eng

Heres the newest piece for our IN THE WIND section about traveling, written by Ms Ananda Khan and illustrated by Tiffany Eng. Please holler at them and let them know what you think!!!A little background on these two. Ananda is a make up artist who works for tv, film, and is constantly working in between Canada and New York while finding the time to start up her own blog about life, work, and travels. She is a hard worker who's work grind is very fierce, but that has not kept her from being a very nice, warm, and down to earth person. True to her word, she has a passport and has used it! Love her writing.

Tiffany Eng is a multi-hustler who's rep extends in the photography, youth organizing, and fine art world. Not only does tiff co-direct an organization which advocates for young people in the Bay Area, but she is also a freelance photographer working with countless artists, musicians, etc. She loves camping....and she draws!
Happy to have them on the team yawl.

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