Some opportunidades y informacion Yawl-Writers/Illustrators

"Keep practicing and you will get fresher"
Um, you have Ms. LeConte Dill for bring you this info about some exciting writing opportunities. Peep these two:

Check out "MYTHIUM" for some very interesting and parallel projects involving creative writing and illustration. This call for work is specifically for writers of color. Check it out.

Annnd, another one to check out is Alimentum (creative writing) and The Sketchbook Project(illustration). Now, neither of these are geared towards People of Color, but holler back. Do you think its relevant or necessary to post these up? I try to bug all of the contributors to lend me their resources for illustrators and writers of color so look out for more! Give Thanks to Ms. Cece Carpio (Muralist/Illustrator) for the link to the sketch book project!
Lastly, Brotherman Comics is not only re-issuing their comic "Brotherman" but they are putting up several issues up to read online for free!Wow, please go check them out...

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