original agreement-to be updated

This was JULY, 28th, 2008, in the coming month, I will update this,as this game has changed! The general idea has stayed the same though.I think u feel me right?

Peace yawl, if youre reading this, that means u give some what of a damn and i appreciate that, because sometimes i dont give a damn.I care about this though.My name is Robert Trujillo.Im a 27 yr old man from Oakland,CA United Snakes of Amerika. I started this page, which will soon become a company if the feedback is there.

This is a page for Comics. These comics are not just for kids or for adults who want to be kid-ish.
I plan to illustrate stuff that is
focusing on Black and Brown Culture.Why?Its necessary.If u look at
the majority of films out now, 70% are done by and showcase Ango-Americans/Caucasian people.The same is true for the amount of literature put out(books), the same for TV, the same for many outlets for INFORM-ation.Information is how we learn.Whether its through entertainment or history lesson. The media/information coming out is not reflective of the majority of people living in the U.S.of A or this world.

If we as Black and Brown Artists/Writers/Teachers/etc. dont take responsibility to inform one another in a fun/funny/imaginative way-if we dont try and spark our communities imagination they will follow someone else's idea of happiness, confidence, self -worth, love, success, I could go on but you already see it in your own life and the lives of your family right?.

Thats why Come bien is a start for youth and young adults to read and enjoy at the same time.I want you to like what you see and read, theres more to come. I plan on working on graphic novels which are longer comics, Books which publish writing, and storyboards/or stories for film.Yes I'm going to go there.Please get on board with me if youre down.

Dont get it twisted.This is not to shut out anyone, this is to stop talking about the problem and start doing.This is not the first effort for this and im sure it wont be the last.Artistry in all of its forms is one of the most powerful forms of communication in the universe and in order for artists to play a part in change, we must utilize that art and take control of the steering wheel. If you dont believe me just look at Hip Hop Culture.Once a force challenging the powers that be on all levels, now run by those powers so they control what lyrics our kids remember, who they want to be, what they want to have.Who they are.Its real.


So heres a few guidelines for Submission:
-3 pages or less
-Please format your writing in Word, Apple works, or Adobe Acrobat
-Include a short vision statement for what you would like it to look like visually
-Anything under the sun subject wise is acceptable considering the above statements.Were trying to reach Black and Brown youth and people who are in touch with them to increase reading, learning, and imagination
-Send it to comebienbooks@yahoo.com

-3 pages or Less
-Illustrate in some sort of pattern, system, consistent style (ie. storyboards)
-Please format your work into a Jpg or pdf file
-No more than 300 dpi
-Include a short vision statement for what you would like it to look like visually and how you want it to read
-Any medium is acceptable as long as its clearly visible(ie. contrast, darkness and lightness)
-Send it to comebienbooks@yahoo.com

NO ONE IS MAKING MONEY OFF OF THIS YET!The work you submit will be published on this site, in bulletins, or in some other publication such as a magazine or website (if we work hard).You retain all rights to the usage of your work.No advertising, reposting, or publishing will be allowed with out your permission first.

-Robert Trujillo
Creator of "Come Bien" Books

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