1st Blog-From Myspace-to blogger

Folks, were growing.I started 'Come Bien" Books on myspace because, well that was the first phase.Change, inevitable as it is has forced me to create a bog-where all the same good stuff that was on the myspace page will be on here.Of course, it will be a bit different, considering profile fotos and music, but were still rolling with the same energy.

The coming months are promising to be the dopest in our online and hand to hand history. I started in July(28th) 0f 2007.Cant remember the exact day i thought it up-but it was hot as hell in Brooklyn, just like it is now.Almost one year abd we've had collaborations from:

-Antwain Marcy-Story(1)
-Borish-Yah need to know about it(2)
-Brian Augsburger-Mighty Healthy(2)
-Robert Trujillo/tres-Yah need to know about it(1), Story(2)
-Yoshi-Mighty Healthy(1)

Look for new work by poets/writers: "Currently in Production/Negotiation"
-Leconte Dill
-Tina Bartolome

Plus, a new illustrated story by Borish.Theres more, but i dont want to jinx it just yet-all i can say is that youll be able to see, touch, hear, smell, and maybe even taste the knowledge in the next 12 months as we prepare to SELF-PUBLISH.Yes, i said SELF -PUBLISH the first book from "Come Bien".I will be a compilation-like the Rompilation or Sound Bombing (old school mixes) which will be mixed or formatted by....im not telling.Holr for collabos.
-Robert Trujillo/Tres
Trust Your Struggle Collective
"Come Bien" Books

Dont forget to check out www.trustyourstruggle.com, this is my crew of muralistas which i proudly rep, and were going on a mural tour this july through the states.

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