Seis Cinco Seis Comics-Ciudad Juarez-Mexico

I have to thank Samax for introducing these talented folks to me. Dominique Arce, Fabian Cobos, Oliver Lee Arce, Raul Morales, Ruben Dario are 656 Comics. 656 Comics is a powerhouse studio of illustrators, writers, and graphic designers who collaborate to bring you several stories which weave mythology, every day struggle, the experience, and politics of living on La Frontera (The Border) between Ciudad Juarez and El Paso Texas. All while inserting a bit of humor. This team has exhibited their work in the Bay Area, Mexico, Venezuela, and Paris. Not only are they extremely talented and witty, but they have also won awards and countless reviews. Big props and respect to the 656 Team. Check them out here


Broken Tree Comics said...

hey so how can broken tree comics get involved? we're in el paso and we have a new series coming out through Diamond titled Trouble Point, and its all about El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. Let me know.


Julian Lawler
Editor in Chief

Rob said...

Just hit you up on face crack. For sure, we should definitely collaborate on something...