Semester at Sea

Hi All. Here is a travel opportunity for college students, and one that I've been learning/hearing more about recently. I know, I know, Semester at Sea was a season on Road Rules, but I've talked to a couple of people (one American, one Mexican) that went on a voyage and they had overwhelmingly good things to say. Mostly, like anything, the experience is what you make of it, and how often do you have the chance to go to at least 12 places around the world in 3 months? And sometimes Desmond Tutu is aboard. From what I gather, it's just doing a study abroad program, there are scholarship opportunities and your credits transfer and all of that. The itinerary for Fall 2010 semester is:

Nova Scotia, Canada
Cadiz, Spain
Casablanca, Morocco
Tema (Accra), Ghana
Cape Town, South Africa
Port Louis, Mauritius
Chennai, India
NEW PORT: Singapore
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Hong Kong / Shanghai, China
Yokohama / Kobe, Japan
Honolulu / Hilo, Hawaii, USA
San Diego, California, USA

There's also opportunities for "lifelong learners," parents, and folks who want to go on an "enrichment voyage." I'm so into it I'm even applying to be staff on one of their voyages. Here's their website:


And also I just started a blog about travel and movement, check it out if you're so inclined :) :